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Футболка с полной запечаткой (мужская) — пол: МУЖ, материал: СИНТЕТИКА. Эксклюзивная дизайнерская коллекция футболок to all от SSG! весна-лето 2017.

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YES YES - Close The Edge (180 Gr)

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Chuck Crisafulli Getting to "e; And"e;

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William Ury Getting to

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Дизайнерские Блокноты Ручной Работы

William Ury Getting to with Yourself

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William Ury Getting to with Yourself

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Tessa Dare Say to the Marquess

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Hunter ALU-Strong Paisley dog ​​collar Indian cucumbers for dogs, 30 - 45 cm.

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Creative Useful Home Gadgets Vegetable Manual Splitter Cutting ol Potato Carrots Slicer Chopper Kitchen Accessories

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Haider Imam Straight to . Asking with Confidence and Getting What You Want

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MAKE YOURSELF A “YES” MAGNET You’ve finally plucked up the courage to ask for something. The afternoon off. A pay rise. Then comes that crucial moment where you wait with baited breath for the response. It’s tense, but it doesn’t have to be. You just need to master the art of ‘the ask’. Taking a direct, light-hearted, wholly practical approach, Haider Imam zooms straight in on that moment of truth providing a set of proven tools and techniques for getting to ‘yes,’ every time. He instils readers with the confidence to ask bigger, more often and even ask for the impossible – and to get it. Based on sound psychological principles, Straight ! offers tonnes of winning ways to make requests that get you to ‘yes’ Wholly practical in style and content, the book features accessible, straightforward techniques readers can put into action immediately Designed for quick-reference while on the move, it affords instant access to specific, step-by-step, single-page techniques as needed

Светлана Полтавская My Ghost Friend!

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Love to travel an zabrosom, but one zabroski I meet his Ghost friend and I were not frightened I became a close friend to dogs, Ghost dog, , it is the dog you heard right. I decided to help this animal by freeing it from the shackles of Satan. who held her for 20 years.